Captain Gone's debut album A Hundred Nights Like This was a collection of late night, not-quite-ballads that occasionally took an unexpected left turn into epic instrumental passages with outbreaks of choirs and marching bands. The single 'Romeo' was playlisted for several weeks on NRK P1, and several other tracks have also received nationwide airplay.

THE FORTRESS, their new album, sees the band shift up a gear to a more muscular, expansive sound which retains at its core the lovelorn vulnerability of the earlier songs. The addition of guitarist Ronny Yttrehus has brought the band out of the living room and onto a bigger stage, with hard-edged riffing alternating with impressionistic washes of sound. Jon Arne Bjørnstad's vocal still has that Chet Baker, little-boy-lost quality, but with a new toughness and confidence that is also reflected in the songwriting.

Captain Gone are:
Jon Arne Bjørnstad: vocals, guitars
Lyndon Riley: piano, trumpet, vocals
Eirik Skaar: drums, percussion
Olav Senstad: bass, vocals
Ronny Yttrehus: guitars, effects
Jonas Kroon: sound

Captain Gone on norwegian TV2. Subscription required.

"Captain Gone in their new album 'The Fortress' manage to carve out more deliciously written tunes than many bands will manage in their career. It is the (mostly) Norwegian / (slightly) English bands second album, following their debut album 'A Hundred Nights Like This', and the follow up is more expansive - bigger, bolder and dare I suggest more 'stadium like' in its design". (Read the review...)

Captain Gone sit down with 'Ordentlig radio' and talk about the band, the lyrics and the record 'The fortress'. (Read more, and listen to the conversation...)

Captain Gone reveal some of the thoughts behind their debut album A Hundred Nights Like This. The Norwegian/English four-piece talked to FLW over coffee about their place of retreat, love of drama and the pursuit of classic songwriting. (Read more, plus review...)

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